IRS warns of continued phone and internet scams

Once again, federal investigators and local police are warning people to beware of phone calls from people who claim to represent the Internal Revenue Service and demand money.

Many local polide departments have publicized an alert at the request of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

The scammers impersonate IRS employees on the phone and threaten taxpayers with jail time if they donít use a prepaid debit card or wire transfer to pay taxes owed.

ďItís the time of year for it with tax season coming up,Ē the inspector said.

The federal government issued a similar warning in March last year because the scam had hit taxpayers in nearly every state.

Scammers often know the last four digits of the victimís Social Security Number, make caller ID appear as though the IRS is calling, send fake emails to support the scam and use fake IRS badge numbers.

The IRS typically contacts people by mail, not phone, about unpaid taxes. The IRS wonít ask for payment using a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or request credit card information over the phone.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS and demanding payment, investigators recommend hanging up and calling the IRS or reporting the incident online.

Donít be fooled

If you receive a suspicious phone call about your taxes, hang up and take these steps:

ēIf you owe taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to get answers to your payment questions.

ēIf you donít owe taxes, call and report the incident at 800-366-4484 or go online to


Last Modified: 11/28/2017