Bookkeeping prices and structure

Throw your receipts in a box and send them to us! We'll do your bookkeeping for you.

Starting at$180/year

Tiernan and Associates are pleased to announce bookkeeping service pricing designed to be affordable for every small business owner regardless of size or level within the business, including consultants.

Think of the advantages of allowing us to do your bookkeeping:

Breakdown of the new bookkeeping service rates (New customers only):


If your total sales are less than $5,000/year no commission income.


If your total sales and commissions are less than $5,000 and commissions of less than $1,500


If your total sales are over $5,000 or commissions over $1,500, or achieve Director status. (Mary Kay consultants)

Please contact our office 937-832-0271 or for more detailed information.

Last Modified: 11/28/2017