Audit Policies and Information

A general word concerning audits:

First, if you should receive an audit, DO NO CONTACT THE IRS until you have contacted us.  If you go to the IRS without our help, we will be unable to assist you, and the results may not be pleasant. I would also urge you to not discuss either your tax return or an audit with anyone other than your tax preparer. Many tax situations/audits may appear to be the same, yet each is unique, and the information in it, is no one else's business, other than yours.

It is in your best interest, not to discuss an audit even with friends. Once you have submitted information to the IRS, it may still take several months (or a year or more) for them to review it and to make a determination. This lengthy time frame for resolution to the audit, may cast you in a less than desirable light to your friends, because they do not know all the inner workings of an IRS audit. A very wrong conclusion about your honesty and integrity may be drawn due to the IRS moving at its own pace, and not necessarily because of anything that you may have done.

Audit Costs:

If our office does your bookkeeping and your tax returns and you have an audit, Tiernan & Associates will represent you in the audit process and, if necessary, in the appeals process. The cost of our representation is a minimum of $100.00. If we did not do your tax returns, and you have a business return, the minimum cost will be $500.00, payable in advance. Because the amount of work involved can vary from one return to another, you need to contact me, so we can discuss the total cost of your audit.

Last Modified: 01/20/2017