About Tiernan & Associates LLC

Thomas Tiernan, the owner and founder of Tiernan and Associates LLC, and his son Jody Tiernan, E.A.*, have created an ever growing income tax business. The business was created over 30 years ago and continues to prosper. The beginning was quite a humble one. The original office was a small, third bedroom which had been converted into an office. The business continued to grow until the entire house became a tax office. In 1994, we moved the office into a 7,600 square foot, 2 story, office building. This office space will allow us to continue to grow for years to come.

Effective Feb 1, 2006, Jody Tiernan, E. A.*, has taken over as the owner of Tiernan & Associates LLC.  Unfortunately, Tom passed away in August of 2016. His legacy will remain a part of Tiernan & Associates LLC for as long as we continue to be in business, which is expected to be a long time. He is greatly missed since his passing, after a long and very successful career as the founder of the business.

During its years of business, Tiernan & Associates’ staff has completed tens of thousands of income tax returns. This past tax year, 2016 alone, we completed over 2800 tax returns. We hope to continue to increase that amount by traveling throughout the country and meeting as many people as possible.

Mission Statement

Tiernan & Associates is a full service accounting, tax, and consulting business in the suburban Dayton, Ohio area. Our knowledgeable accountants and professionals are ready to provide information to you in a format that is useful and client friendly. Our mission is to provide the best quality service to our clients, and prospective clients, through communication, sound advice, and timely response.

At Tiernan & Associates, our main emphasis is on people with home-based businesses. There are not many other companies that will spend as much time working with their clients as we do. We have the knowledge and expertise that few other companies can match, when it comes to the self-employed taxpayer. We can help you to file your tax returns, so that you will pay the least amount of taxes necessary.The following is a partial list of businesses that we are familiar with:

Our goal is to provide a cost-effective tax preparation service. We can assist you in solving your tax problems. Our philosophy of "preventive taxation" is what distinguishes us from other services and practitioners. This means that a tax return should not be viewed as a single, isolated occurrence. Instead, it should be an integral part of a business or individual’s financial picture. How well you keep your books and manage your taxes today, will determine the profitability of your business in the years to come. Although you may not be thinking about it now, incorrect returns, non-filing, or simple bookkeeping errors open the door for the IRS to audit you or your business. We want to keep the taxman from knocking on your door. Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals are ready year-round to serve you with expert advice and assistance in the preparation of your tax returns. Our tax specialists are well-informed on the continuing changes in tax laws, and are able to prepare returns for residents of all 50 states. Save time and money by letting us help simplify the filing of your tax return in both planning and documentation.

Last Modified: 01/19/2018